Why Choose Blue Sky Learning Services for IELTS Preparation

You’ll receive direct feedback from qualified IELTS instructors.

When you select an Academic or General Training course with Feedback you will receive direct feedback on writing or speaking samples from a qualified IELTS instructors. And if you choose the Academic or General Training course with Writing and Speaking Feedback, you will receive feedback on both.

It is important that you know what your strengths are, and as important what you need to work on to score highly on the test. Your instructor will review each sample you submit directly to them, and give you an assessment of your band score and what you need to work on. This feedback will arrive direct to you through the learning system.

Blue Sky's commitment is to provide timely feedback to you to achieve your goal of getting a high band score on the IELTS test.

Proven Success for High Band Scores on the IELTS

Blue Sky is founded on the success of hundreds of students who have learned with Giovanni De Luca over his instructional career. He is dedicated to bringing his passion for instruction into Blue Sky and to ensure that learners each receive excellent content and guidance. See the testimonials section for past student comments and follow the Facebook page for the latest information. You can also try the Blue Sky Sampler course for free to experience the content we have created for you.

Interactive Course Material Available 24/7 on Many Different Devices

In addition to the IELTS Instructor feedback, Blue Sky offers engaging and interactive practice sessions for both the Academic Test and the General Training Test that provide immediate feedback on your skills. You don’t just read and watch videos in Blue Sky courses, you practice doing what you will need to do in the real IELTS exam. And you can access your course on most modern desktops, laptops, tablets and phones with up-to-date operating systems and web browsers. Check out the Free Sampler course to experience how the content works.

We’re here to serve you!

Blue Sky is the only independent online site for the Academic IELTS and the General Training IELTS that provides feedback from qualified IELTS instructors on writing samples. We are not a university offering courses to promote our testing centers. Blue Sky is run by IELTS instructors and curriculum designers who work with students on a daily basis to improve their test results. We offer what students need to get high band scores with accurate IELTS test materials and feedback that increase your results.

Custom-Made Preparation Programs for the IELTS

Blue Sky Learning Services focuses on test preparation for the IELTS. We offer custom-made preparation courses for a thorough study of both IELTS tests. Blue Sky believes that test preparation requires hard work and serious study. We take a direct approach to preparing students for the IELTS tests, and we offer customised approaches to test preparation.